7 Simple SEO Types for Online Success

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7 Simple SEO Types for Online Success


Are you confused by the different types of SEO? Well, don't be angry! Each "different kind" of SEO is far from being its science. In general, each "type" is categorized by related strategies or tactics performed on something that changes itself (think: websites, blog posts, target audience, locale, or something similar). The 7 types below are for small businesses to be aware of when starting to get better at SEO.

White-Hat SEO

In short, when you think about SEO, you most likely think of things like keyword research, content optimization, adding meta descriptions, improving page speed, etc. These types of strategies are known as White Hat SEO

Black-Hat SEO 

Black Hat is the type of SEO you want to avoid completely. It consists of malicious techniques and strategies that try to "trick" search engines into ranking higher. Examples of Black Hat strategies: are keyword stuffing, masking, or sneaky redirects. 

On-Page SEO 

On-page SEO revolves around optimizing things on a website, blog, or similar. In other words, On-page SEO deals with any controllable element on the website that can be modified or optimized. Think easy site navigation, optimized images, quality content, etc. 

Off-Page SEO 

Think of Off-page SEO to help optimize online visibility through pages you don't control - the White Hat way! Examples of Off-page SEO strategies: legitimate link building, social media visibility through social media marketing, getting REAL reviews and press releases. 

Global SEO 

Global SEO also known as International SEO, focuses on targeting visitors from different countries, regions, or demographics. For example, some sites are formatted to automatically adjust language settings based on where their visitor lives. So, adding hreflang tags to a website could be considered global SEO. 

Local SEO 

If a small business is trying to improve its online visibility in a specific environment, it should consider local SEO strategies. Some strategies to get started: make sure your business name, address, and phone number are consistent across your website and ALL social media profiles, and register/verify your business with search engines. 

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is a more technical strategy to take on a website to optimize it so search engines can crawl it better. Examples: increasing site speed, obtaining an SSL certificate, fixing broken links, adapting for mobile, and creating a sitemap.


These types of SEO are crucial for small businesses. White Hat SEO encompasses conventional strategies like keyword research and content optimization, while Black Hat SEO employs nefarious tactics to deceive search engines. On-page SEO focuses on controllable elements within a website, while Off-page SEO extends visibility beyond by leveraging legitimate practices like link building. Global SEO targets diverse demographics, whereas Local SEO hones in on specific regions. Finally, Technical SEO delves into the intricacies of website optimization, ensuring seamless crawling by search engines. Small businesses take note – this comprehensive guide is your key to navigating the multifaceted world of SEO.


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